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Can Your Employer Make You Work Mandatory Overtime in the UK?

Mandatory overtime is a situation that comes up at many jobs. Some employers like to have their workers on call for compulsory overtime if they need a surplus of workers during a busy time. If you live in the UK, you may want to know where the law stands on that matter.

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Employment Pursuit 7 June , 2022

White Collar Isn’t For Everyone - Here’s Why

Many high schools are now across the board, college prep institutions. Although the intention is to give every kid the necessary preparation for college if they want it, the drawback is that many kids who want to pursue a vocational career feel left behind and inferior.

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Employment Pursuit 17 May , 2022

Three Good Lessons You Can Learn From a Bad Job Experience

Bad job experiences typically cause negative thoughts and feelings. However, they can offer valuable lessons if you think about them from an educational perspective. These are three lessons a horrible job experience can teach you:

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Employment Pursuit 19 April , 2022

4 Job Ideas For Bookworms

Do you love books? Do you want to get paid to do something you love? There are plenty of job options for bookworms. Let's look at a few.

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Employment Pursuit 18 March , 2022

3 Career Goals You Should Define Now

The best way to land the job of your dreams is to have clearly defined career goals. Many people overlook this important step and think if they just "grind" hard enough and keep searching for a job, the right one will come their way.

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Employment Pursuit 16 February , 2022