Career Advice

Why Do People Still Want To Work After Retirement?

It is not uncommon to hear of retired people going back to work. What's the point of retiring if you are still working? Let's look at a few reasons people still want to work after retiring.

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Employment Pursuit 18 January , 2022

Three Benefits to Getting Forklift Certification

Obtaining a forklift certification may be the perfect move to make before you embark further on your journey to obtain gainful employment. Many organizations offer forklift certification. These are four reasons you should consider taking a course and getting certified.

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Employment Pursuit 17 December , 2021

Three Jobs That Offer Weekends Off

You might desire to avoid working on the weekends if you have other obligations or want to spend time with your family. These are three jobs you could consider applying for if that's the case. These jobs generally don't have weekend hours.

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Employment Pursuit 16 November , 2021

How to Answer the Question, "Why Do You Want to Work for Us?"

Prospective employers ask a lot of questions during interviews. One of those questions may be, "Why do you want to work for us?" That usually means that they know you're a skilled or experienced worker who probably has several options. Here's how you can answer the question if you want to succeed:

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Employment Pursuit 15 October , 2021

Addictions Counselor - Is It Right for You?

Addictions counseling might be perfect for you if you want to help people overcome the grip of addiction. However, it's a job that requires a certain set of characteristics to succeed. These are some qualities you'll need to succeed as such a professional:

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Employment Pursuit 22 September , 2021