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Retail Skills You Didn't Know Could Make You Marketable

If you are working part-time or even full time in retail, you might be tempted to think you're wasting your time. You might be wondering when your real career is going to get started. Retail is actually a great training ground for several skills which can make you marketable in just about any industry. Here are the top three retail skills you didn't know could make you marketable. 

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Employment Pursuit 18 March , 2020

Unlikely Home Based Job Ideas

Are you looking for ways to earn money from home? Often we think of phone-based customer service jobs when we consider home-based employment. Although many people find this a great home-based job opportunity, there are lots of great ideas for earning money from home. Here are three unlikely home based job ideas that you can start this month.  

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Employment Pursuit 19 February , 2020

3 Things No One Told You About A Job Loss

If this is the first time you are dealing with a job loss, you are probably feeling a lot of emotions right now. You are also probably getting a lot of advice from a lot of different places. Some of this advice may be helpful, but some of it may be totally off point. Here are 3 things most people will not tell you about a job loss. 

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Employment Pursuit 20 January , 2020

6 Ways to Increase Your Skills for Free Online Whilst You're Unemployed

Unless you took an intentional break from the business world, you probably didn't plan your unemployment. However, that doesn't mean you can't make good use of the time you have to grow your skillset. 

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Employment Pursuit 19 December , 2019

Pitching Yourself Everywhere - You Never Know Where You'll Find a Great Lead

Whether you're looking to move into a new industry or just want to get the word out about what you do, it's important that you know how to pitch yourself and your expertise in everyday life. There are millions of jobs available around the world, and it just takes one good connection to land a job that truly fulfills you. 

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Employment Pursuit 20 November , 2019