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Three Perfect Jobs for Introverts

Introverts are people who have the most energy when they are by themselves or around only a few people. If you are an introvert, then you'll probably want to work somewhere that you can be by yourself or limited to only a few workers at one time. The following are some examples of great jobs for introverts.

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Employment Pursuit 21 December , 2020

How to Explain a Job Loss to Your Family

Experiencing a job loss is difficult both emotionally and financially. It can feel even more difficult when you are obligated to explain this to your family. Keep reading to learn helpful tips on how to explain your job loss to your family.

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Employment Pursuit 30 November , 2020

This One Skill Could Help You Hang On To Your Job Longer

Most people have very similar career goals. We want to feel good about how much we make for our time. We want to look forward to going to work each day, and we want the security of knowing we have some job security for a while. Job security is a mysterious thing, though, because there are so many things that can affect our security at a job.

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Employment Pursuit 26 October , 2020

How to Nail a Customer Service Job Interview

Employers hiring for customer service jobs want to make sure that the person they hire has the personality and skills necessary to take care of their customers. That’s why these types of interviews are unique from other kinds. Here’s how to nail your customer service job interview.

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Employment Pursuit 30 September , 2020

Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom

When most people major in education and pursue a teaching certification it is with the intent of teaching in a classroom. However, sometimes this is not always where you wind up. Perhaps you do want to teach, but you find the classroom and school systems confining. That is okay. There are plenty of great jobs for teachers outside of the classroom.

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Employment Pursuit 24 August , 2020