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4 Job Ideas For Bookworms

Do you love books? Do you want to get paid to do something you love? There are plenty of job options for bookworms. Let's look at a few.

Library Worker

Although this sounds pretty obvious, the truth is not many bookworms consider working in a library because librarians are required to hold a master's degree. Not everyone is ready to put in that kind of commitment. But the good news is that most of the people who work in libraries are not librarians. They are librarian assistants. An assistant can get hired with very little prior experience or education.

Bookstore Clerks

Bookstore clerks help other bookworms find their new favorite book. Bookstores provide a quiet, peaceful work environment with the option to move up into management positions.


Editorial services are always in need of proofreaders for new releases. A proofreader will read over manuscripts looking for typos and grammatical errors. If you have great grammar skills, this is a great opportunity to not only earn a good income but to also contribute to the world of books.


Have you been harboring a secret desire to write a book? With today's technology and advances in digital books, anyone can become an author. Many digital book platforms even prefer to work with new authors. If you have been working on a story, don't stop. If you have been dreaming of writing a story, get started. If you have already written a story, do some research to find the right platform on which to share your story with the world.

Employment Pursuit 18 March , 2022