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Addictions Counselor - Is It Right for You?

Addictions counseling might be perfect for you if you want to help people overcome the grip of addiction. However, it's a job that requires a certain set of characteristics to succeed. These are some qualities you'll need to succeed as such a professional:

Compassion and Empathy

Compassion and empathy are two qualities you need to have to be an addiction counselor. You must be able to help people through the struggles of addiction without being judgmental because they fell into it. Addiction is a complex problem to kick. Therefore, you must enter the field knowing that you may have to work with some people for years before making progress.


You also have to be personable to work well with people who suffer from addictions. It will help if you have personal knowledge of addictions or you know some people who have suffered from addictions in the past. That way, you can relate to your clients more personally than you could with a textbook education alone.


You must understand the dynamics of various types of addictions to tend to people with multiple problems. Some of the dynamics are the same, and some of them are different. You have to have a heightened understanding of those differences to help other people navigate through recovery and avoid relapse in the end. You might be working with people who have drug addictions, and you might work with individuals who have relationship or gambling addictions. That's where you will need to use your versatility the most.

An addiction counselor's job might be right for you if you possess those qualities and you sincerely desire to help people. You could excel as such a provider and allow people to travel back to the light after a life of addiction and loss. 

Employment Pursuit 22 September , 2021