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How to Answer the Question, "Why Do You Want to Work for Us?"

Prospective employers ask a lot of questions during interviews. One of those questions may be, "Why do you want to work for us?" That usually means that they know you're a skilled or experienced worker who probably has several options. Here's how you can answer the question if you want to succeed:

Talk About Their Positive Processes

Many job applicants have personal experiences with prospective employers before they apply to work for them. For example, you might apply at a location where you purchase products. Let them know that and tell them about your positive experiences. Mention any operational processes you feel are beneficial to customers. They may appreciate your insight and feedback.

Quote Something From Their Financial Reports

It's always a brilliant idea to check out the financial reports on the company you're considering working for. Take some time to look at the stocks and quarterly earnings. View the business's timeline of success over the years. That way, you can mention that you want to be a part of their winning team and contribute a unique element that will add to their success.

Mention Their Culture

You might want to work for a specific company because you like the positive reviews other employees leave them. Maybe you saw respectful and peaceful relationships between workers and management staff when you visited the facility. It's a wise idea to mention this to the prospective employer as well. That way, you can notify the company that its culture works well for its business and its employees. Again, they might appreciate your input.

Discussing the topics above will let the prospective employer know that you did your homework and aren't just grabbing for any available job. You may develop a sense of trust by mentioning the above topics, and you might land yourself a new job.

Employment Pursuit 15 October , 2021