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How to Cope With Working At Home This Winter

We would all love to imagine that winter is a magical time filled with hot chocolate, sledding, and building snowmen with your family. The truth is winter can be stressful, depressing, expensive, and even dangerous depending on where you live. If you work from home, you could be facing feelings of isolation and frustration.

Here are a few tips that can help you cope with working at home during the winter.

Self Care First

Winter can be difficult on a few different levels. There are definitely added physical challenges with cold and flu season, not to mention COVID-19 risks. Protecting your health should be a top priority. For many, there are also mental health challenges during the winter months. Depression and anxiety are often intensified during the long dark months of winter. Your self-care should be a top priority at this time. It is important that you take your supplements and meds regularly, get sufficient sleep, stay hydrated and do activities that replenish you. a

Keep Moving

The temptation during the winter is to stop and hibernate. Our bodies were not designed to hibernate, though. Our bodies do their best when they stay active. If you want to lift your mood and avoid gaining winter weight, keep moving. Although bad weather can make it difficult to do certain outdoor activities, there are plenty of at home workouts that can keep you moving. Check out Youtube for videos. Watch the weather for good days when you can take your workout outdoors.

Stay Connected

Even if weather and sickness have you home bound, you can still stay connected. Plan a virtual meal with family or friends over Google Meets or Zoom. Our technology makes it possible to stay close even when we are far away.

Working at home during the winter can be tough. Use these helpful tips to get you through. Spring is just around the corner.

Employment Pursuit 22 February , 2021