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How to Nail a Customer Service Job Interview

Employers hiring for customer service jobs want to make sure that the person they hire has the personality and skills necessary to take care of their customers. That’s why these types of interviews are unique from other kinds. Here’s how to nail your customer service job interview.

Get in the Role

You should speak to the interview as if you’re providing customer service to them. It shouldn’t be obvious what you’re doing; it should be your mindset. If you can do that, then it will feel like you’ve already got the job, which will in turn improve the way you come across.

Be Helpful

Customer service agents are essentially problem-solvers. Be helpful during the interview to highlight this skill. If the interviewer falters, step in and help them clarify what they’re trying to say. If it’s a virtual interview and they have an issue with their Zoom connection, teach them how to fix it. Finally, at the end of the interview, use the word, “help.” Say something like, “Is there anything else I can help you with regarding my application?” This will make them actually see you in the role of the customer service agent.

Smile a Lot

You should always have a pleasant expression on your face during an interview, but for a customer service interview, you should actually be smiling a lot. This makes you look like a friendly kind of person, which is what employers want in a job role like this.

Be Ready With Solutions

In your prospective role as a problem solver, you’ll need to provide solutions for problems that customers have. It’s highly likely that you’ll be presented with scenarios in which you have to offer answers. Be ready to be creative with your solutions and remember, the customer is always right.

These tips will help you to nail your next customer service job interview, whether it’s in person or on a video conferencing platform.

Employment Pursuit 30 September , 2020