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Skills You Can Learn Online To Make Yourself More Marketable

Have you ever been reviewing a job description, only to disregard it because you didn't have all of the required skills? This is a frustrating aspect of job searching, but it is one that can be easily remedied. Here are a few skills you can learn online that will help make you more marketable.


Many companies are looking for individuals who are versed in Excel spreadsheets. Excel is a spreadsheet program which companies rely heavily on in order to organize information. This program is not rocket science but it does take some practice and training in order to be able to use it effectively. There are many online training programs that are both affordable and effective in teaching Excel skills. During your job search, you can also be educating yourself so that you can add more sought after skills to your resume.

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Although Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are all a part of the Microsoft Office Suite, you may not need all of these skills. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are usually two of the biggies when it comes to desirable skills on a resume. There are tons of free programs online that can help you get well-acquainted with these programs so that you can truthfully list them as proficient on your resume.

Google Docs

More and more companies are relying on Google Docs to help them share information. There are free courses available to help you get proficient in this powerful program. Google Docs is a great skill to have personally as well as professionally.

Just because you do not have all of the skills that employers are looking for right now, does not mean you can not improve. In many cases, you can get a lot of career training you might need for free online. Take the time to research specific skills and find the training you need.

Employment Pursuit 28 August , 2019