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What To Do If You Hate Your New Job

When you first get a new job, you’re probably grateful that you can finally rely on a steady paycheck again. But happens after that initial rush of adrenaline is over and you start to realize the new job isn’t what you expected? What should you do if you hate your new job?

1. Don’t Quit Quite Yet

First, don’t make any sudden moves. In other words, don’t quit quite yet. Remember those panicky days when you were unemployed and wondering where you were going to get your rent money? Keep your current job while you figure out your next move.

2. Give it Some Time

It’s possible that you’re still in shock and that you’ll get used to your new job. Give yourself some time to get adjusted to the new responsibilities, new people and new environment. Make yourself stay for at least one month before you decide to do something else.

3. See if You Can Change What’s Wrong

Maybe the problem isn’t with the company but only with your department or your particular job. Can you get transferred to a different position or a different area? Speak to your boss about possibilities for change.

4. Start Interviewing on Your Lunch Hour

If a month has gone by and you’re still hating your new job, it’s time to start interviewing on your lunch hour. Send out your resume and see if you can score some interviews. Don’t mention that you’re job hunting to anyone at your new job.

5. Don’t List Your New Job on Your Resume

Potential employers don’t need to know that you already accepted a new job. Don’t put that new job on your resume. Just pretend like you’re still unemployed and looking.

Life is too short to spend working at a place you truly hate. Use these tips to successfully handle this bad situation.

Employment Pursuit 18 September , 2019