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White Collar Isn’t For Everyone - Here’s Why

Many high schools are now across the board, college prep institutions. Although the intention is to give every kid the necessary preparation for college if they want it, the drawback is that many kids who want to pursue a vocational career feel left behind and inferior.

Regular 4-year college degrees prepare individuals for white-collar careers. But the truth is white-collar isn't for everyone. Let's look at a few reasons why.

Lack of Activity

Blue-collar careers are often highly active occupations. These types of jobs are often worked outside and the location of the work can change frequently. Blue-collar work is very hands-on and this really suits many personality types. People who need a lot of activity and a change of scenery in their day do very well in a blue-collar career. If you take a person like that and stick them in a white-collar office all day, they will not thrive and truly succeed. If you like working with your hands, being outdoors, and seeing new places, white-collar work may not be the best fit.

Long Educational Track

Most white-collar careers will require a regular 4-year degree. Not everyone is capable or willing to continue their education for an additional four years. White-collar careers require a lot of patience and investment in education. If you do not wish to make this investment and you do not have that patience, a blue-collar job may work best for you.

High Stress

Many white-collar careers are also considered high-stress occupations. Blue-collar jobs tend to not have critical expectations but are rather less stressful. This works well for people who do not wish to carry heavy responsibilities or consequences tied to their work.

Employment Pursuit 17 May , 2022